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"Seafoam Green are Irish band Dave O'Grady and Muireann McDermott Long. The pair specialise in what we now call Americana. If you want blues, gospel, and folk, they’ve got it, but what they’ve actually perfected across two albums and countless live shows is the sound of a glorious rock n’ soul revival.  Seafoam Green even find room for a dash of Dublinese, just to remind people where they’re coming from. Heavy hitters like Rich Robinson, Derek Trucks, and Tyler Greenwell have all chipped in, and it’s not hard to hear why, for this is thrilling, vital, and – that word again - soulful music."
Pat Carty - Hot Press Magazine

Martin's Garden.jpg

"A near faultless album" - Mojo Magazine

"Surely it cant be long until the world cops on and tunes in!" - Hot Press Magazine

"First-class southern soul" - Classic Rock

"Every aspect on the spectrum of Americana" - At the Barrier

"Bathed in vibrance ...Instantly becoming rock royalty" - MoggBlog

“Glorious” - Americana UK 

“Stunning” - Explore Liverpool

“Lashings of Muscle Shoals soul & Dublin folk..yours for life” - Classic Rock Magazine 

“Rootsy, authentic soulful Americana at its very finest..Harmonies potent enough to stop a charging rhino..Where have you been all my life?” - Devils Gate Music

“Instantly becoming rock royalty” “truly extraordinary” "Rebellious and fuelled with attitude” - Moog blog 

“Many country artists can be quite one-dimensional but not these two. Whatever your favourite style of Americana you prefer there is something for everyone on this highly entertaining multi-styled album.” - At The Barrier

“Tidal waves of glistening guitars and harmonies recall the best of the Americana genre and get embedded further and further in the soul on each listen.” - Rhythm & Booze 

“Wicked!” - Sound Cafe 

“Endlessly inspiring” - AntiMusic

“Inimitable trademark vocal intercourse” “This is future soul rebel music and bodes well for the full experience of Martin’s Garden, an album that’s not to be missed.” - Fame Magazine


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